1and1 hosting Summary
Overview Score Features Description Scripts Support Description Hosting Type Price(/mo.)
Price 5/5 Disk Space Unlimited Frontpage Yes $3.49
Reliability 4.7/5 Bandwidth Unlimited CGI/Pearl Support Yes
Customer Service 5/5 Money Back 90 days MySQL Databases Unlimited
Technical Support 5/5 UpTime Guarantee 99.99% PHP Support Yes
Features 4/5 Multiple Domains Unlimited SSI - Server Side Includes Yes
Storage Space 5/5 Website Builder Yes Java Script Yes
Bandwidth 5/5 Traffic Statistics Yes Flash/Shockwave Yes
Tech Response 4/5 Shopping Cart Yes Real Audio/Video Yes
Ease-of-use 4.5/5 Control Panel custom SSL Support Yes

1and1 hosting Overview Introduction Go To www.1and1.com Visit or Buy

1and1 hosting is the dominant hosting companies in the UK and Europe. And they launched their US division in 2003 to serve customers directly in North America. With a customer base of more than 7.46 million, 1and1 hosting is the world's biggest Web host. They are financially stable, profitable and currently maintains over 55,000 servers. They have a top notch data center located in Lenexa ( Kansas) with over 20 GBit of external connectivity and use their own backbone an top carriers like Level3, Global Crossing, and sprint. They are financially stable, profitable, and will be serving and protecting their website for many years to come. There is really very limited virtual host providers can compete 1and1 hosting on price. Unique to 1and1 is that they offer both Linux / Unix hosting, along with their very popular Microsoft Windows/NT based hosting, all for the same price. Also, depending on the hosting package, 1and1 Hosting gives you 1-5 free domain names with every hosting package.

1and1 hosting Features

1and1 hosting is a pricing leader in the hosting industry. Register a domain with private registration from 1and1 hosting will cost you only $3.49/month, besides this, you will also get 1 GB free email, web site builder and marketing tools from 1and1 hosting.

The beginner's plan from 1and1 hosting is only $3.49 per month. And as described in above, you will can host 20 domains with 1 for free. Besides this, you can get 10GB disk space, 300 GB bandwidht, 2GB emailbox space, free site building tools, $125 advertising credit, and more. All those will take you less than a cost of breakfast.

99.9% Uptime

No matter what the cause, network downtime hurts your credibility, your sales, and your business. 1and1 hosting uses its experience and expertise in hosting to deliver 99.9% uptime.

1and1 hosting Reliability Go To www.1and1.com Visit or Buy

With 4 data centers worldwide and 18,000 megabit connection, one would expect 1and1 hosting to have an incredibly reliable network. 1and1 hosting uses their own backbone and top carriers such as Sprint and Level 1. 1and1 guarantees 99.9% server uptime. 90 days money back guarantee will also show the confidence from 1and1 hosting about their technology and the service. 1and1 virtualhost providers customers a 1and1 custom control panel with an easy-to-use interface where you can configure and control all aspects of your website, including e-mail management, domain management, hosting account, billing, etc. online. Their control panel is good.

1and1 hosting Customer Support

1and1's support is average in the industry. 1and1 hosting's technical support is available toll-free 24/7/365, which is an advantage over other web hosts offering limited hours of support, or email only. In addition to the telephone support, you also get access to their 24/7 e-mail support for various website issues. Furthermore, 1and1 hosting comprehensive FAQ provides excellent help-yourself answers to most all of the common questions related to hosting and domain related topics.

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