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Ipage virtual hosts was born in year 1998 in Burlington, Massachuesetts. Ipage virtual hosts are probably the cutest brand ever! With their cute logo and dedications on the work , their customers love them very much.

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There are reasons how FatCow virtual hosts becomes this successful and of cause their hosting technology plays an important role. They use load balanced technology in their servers to give redundancy. To illustrate this, imagine your website files are stored in 3 different physical servers at the same time and being served evenly by the 3 servers. Besides that FatCow virtual hosts have multi-Gigabit connections to do maximum data transfer and diesel generator as electricity backup. They also perform daily server backup which secure your files from time to time. These are actually services hardly found elsewhere with their budget pricing. Not only their great uptime, their customer support aka Moo Crew is very effective too.

- Unlimited storage space, Unlimited data transfer bandwidth.
- 24/7 fatcow support, phone support, live chat support, email support.
- Free domain for life & free setup. 30 days money back guarantee.
- Unlimited Emails, unlimited FTP, unlimited MySQL database.
- Recommended for ecommerce, blog, forum, cms, gallery, joomla, etc.
- $75 dollars free marketing credits. Search engine submission.
- cPanel and Fantastico Script Library
- 99.9% Uptime

Ipage virtual hosts is now $1.99 per month only! Hurry, Limited time Offer!

Before this, you get Ipage hosting for $1.99 per month, after 45% discount. The FatCow virtual hosts special discount is just getting better and now offering you a 70% discount off your ipage virtual hosts plan. Free instant setup, no setup fee, no hidden fee. FatCow virtual hosts is now a green virtual hosts company and offering unlimited storage, free website builder,and unlimited mysql database, unlimited domain hosting, bandwidth, ecommerce ready and blog ready, and much more. This complete fatcow hosting is now only $1.99 per month!

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Ipage vdeck control panel is now with the new feature, video walkthrough that introduce you to the new vdeck 4.0 control panel, its special features and tools that you can use to properly manage your virtual hosts account. The new vdeck control panel is more advanced compare with previous version, and compare to cpanel control panel, vdeck is more user friendly and look better too. If you just signup to FatCow virtual hosts, login to your vdeck control panel. Get a quick walkthrough to the vdeck control panel and learn the new features. ipage virtual hosts is very affordable as their special promo price is just $1.99/mo and its offering with the latest vdeck website control panel.

Ipage virtual hosts offers an extremely user friendly customer support network. FatCow host web virtual hosts provider phone support, online library and help desk covering most topics related with virtual hosts and getting your site running. fatcow offer web support/technical Support 24/7 through the Ipage Control Panel. The big advantage of Ipage is that it caters to its audience - its customer service team know how to explain things in plain English. You will not be exposed to a wall of technical jargon that only the most proficient web designers understand. FatCow reaches every level, from beginners to advanced!

24/7 email support - fatcow offers exceptional email support. Their support ticket system allows you to track your problem status and you can always expect to receive their reply promptly.

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Ipage takes a simpler, more customer friendly approach and focuses on delivering the best value and customer service experience in virtual host to the small business user. FatCow offers Unix-based virtualhost in a single package that includes unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, one free domain, unlimited email accounts, POP3 email, WebMail, FTP access and support for unlimited domains. The FatCow virtual hosts plan also comes with spam filtering, 25 MySQL databases, a customizable control panel, site builder, CGI-BIN, a free 60-day trial of Constant Contact’s newsletter and announcement tool, 2 gigabytes of free Carbonite online backup and support for FrontPage, PHP 4, PHP 5 and Python. Ipage offers a straightforward one of Hosts plan for small and medium sized businesses looking for affordable virtual host.

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Ipage is the best virtual hosts, Ipage virtual hosts makes it easy for novices to get started with free, professional-looking website design templates and prompt, reliable, North American-based phone support. That said, Ipage doesn't sacrifice features for the sake of ease of use -- experienced developers will find all the tools they need to create a powerful web presence.

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7 $3.95 Free Free 91% Unlimited 30 Days Review Visit Site
8 $2.40 Free Free 99% Unlimited 30 Days Review Visit Site
9 $1.99 Free Free 90% Unlimited 30 Days Review Visit Site
10 $4.95 Free Free 88% Unlimited 30 Days Review Visit Site

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